Thursday, April 11, 2013

Baby's got her Genes on

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My mom posted this picture yesterday of her and her sister.  My mom is on the left and my Aunt Linda is on the right. They are 15 months apart and my Mam-ma always dressed them alike (of course she sewed all of their clothes). 

Do they look like two other little girls you know?

Genetics are funny.  Harper looks so much like her daddy and Hollis even resembles my dad a lot as a little boy.  But they look so much like my mom and aunt too.
Only God could do that.

If you live in NWA - you should have a night out and go to the MOM PROM!!! Get those old prom dresses out of storage and have a fun girls night to benefit a great charity.
It's May 4 from 7-12 in the Springdale Holiday Inn Ballroom.
Tickets are $35 each and you can get them here (and get more info):

It's a Prom with a Purpose and will benefit the Cobblestone Project's Laundry Love program which partners with laundromats across Northwest Arkansas to clean the clothes of people who are homeless or living in poverty in the region.

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