Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Sick Day Stuff

I was supposed to speak at a MOPS this morning but poor little Hollis got the stomach bug last night.  We were up all night. She wasn't extremely sick but sick enough that none of us needed to go anywhere today.  So we are having an unexpected PJ day and doing lots of cuddling.

I love all the comments on my previous post.  If you are looking for ideas to get more Jesus in your kids - there were great suggestions! I love when y'all share great ideas!

I'm sorry to just now post this but here are the winners of the Scribble Linens!
Kyle (kyhertzler) and Erin Baum.  I will be emailing you!!!!

I made this soup last night. OH MY - it was SOOOOOO good. And the best part is it took about 30 minutes total to make. So many soups you have to simmer half the day - this was so easy.  If you like shrimp or mexican - you have to try it!

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