Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Linky Dinks

I came home from my parents today with one less child.  Harper decided to stay a few days since my parents are coming here this weekend for Hollis' birthday party.  So I get to have a few days with just this little crazy two year old. 

I have read a few things lately that were pretty good - I thought I would share. 

I could not agree with this post more by "Rage Against the Minivan" - I try to keep holidays and gift giving as simple as possible (although I have also been on the side of trying to go big & decided simple works better) (for us) and I don't think it's wrong to give to your kids (at all) - but I think some things have gotten out of hand:

If you have little kids........this might make you feel better:

I'm a fan of "Duck Dynasty" (who isn't?) - this is just a few of the reasons why:

Read any good posts or blogs lately you would like to share????? 

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