Saturday, March 02, 2013

Hitting the lanes

My weekend started on Friday when I got to meet up with two sweet girls (Chrissy and Sarah) from FBC Lavaca, AR.  It's just an hour south of where I live.  I'm speaking at a Mugs and Muffins at their church on April 27th (if you are in the area!) so we met in person and they were SO fun and easy to talk to! We had talked a lot about women's ministry (which I'm passionate about) and they lead the women's ministry at their church. 

I picked up the girls from school and my parents were in town for the afternoon and met us there and came to visit the girls for a little while. Which clearly my girls were super sad about. ha! They were only super sad when they left and they couldn't go home with them. 
We always love a visit from our grandparents!!!! 

Today was a cold day.  Harper stayed home with her daddy this morning while Hollis and I ran a couple of errands and went to the gym.  I was so proud of myself because I normally try to do the elliptical machine for like 25 minutes and my friend Kacy came along right after I was almost done and we started talking and I did a whole hour on it! I need someone to come next to me and talk to me every time I need to exercise. :-) 

We decided this afternoon that we would try out bowling. I don't think Scott and I have been bowling since we have been married. We went to a small bowling alley in our town hoping it wouldn't be crowded.

 We were laughing hysterically when we walked in because who was in there bowling but Laurie and Steve and the girls. I don't think they have EVER been bowling either and we didn't discuss going. It was SO random that we both decided to try it out on the same day at the same random place.

 We had a lot of fun! We may have to do this more often. Harper did really great. She got pretty competitive. I was SMOKED by all 3 of my family members. Harper kept saying "mom - do you need me to show you what to do?" ha ha! 

So thankful for this sister friend! 

(and yes - my hair is darker. I dyed it during naptime. It went a little dark. I told Scott I looked like a member of the Adam's family.  I'm sort of loving coloring my own hair because as soon as those gray roots start showing (which is about every 2 weeks) - I can just color them and not have to wait for a hair appointment!) 
 Who knew the Stamps would love bowling so much? 
My friend Shaun Groves who sings/speaks for Compassion and who I have had the privilege of traveling with for Compassion twice was in my town tonight because he is speaking at a church tomorrow. I wanted to go see him but I have church duties so we were trying to figure out a time Scott and I could run by and see him.  It worked out that we went tonight after he finished a sound check.  Shaun inspires me so much by how he lives out Christ with his life.  It's so crazy - because in the last 3 weeks or so I've gotten to see everyone I went to Ecuador with in person except for Ann Voskamp. If only she would come to Arkansas. ha! :-)

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