Thursday, February 28, 2013

You know you are an Old "young" mom when.....

 I'm an old "young" mom.

Sometimes ladies at church with grown kids will refer to us "young moms" and I want to giggle because I'm only a few years younger than them.

This was the plan God had for me. I'm turning 40 this year and I have two toddlers.

But I was thinking about today:

You know you are an Old "young" mom when: 
  • Your back gives out after carrying your toddler around too much of the day.

  • You make sure you have time to color your hair to cover all the gray before any important preschool programs.

  • You have hormone issues and you aren't sure if you are pre-menopause or pregnant.  And you aren't sure which one you would really prefer. ha! 

  • You hear the other preschool moms talking about music from their childhood that you listened to at your desk at work before kids.  Or they talk about their laptops in college and you secretly know that you didn't have computers or cell phones in college. 

  • You look on facebook and most of your high school friends are posting prom or graduation pictures of their kids and you are posting newborn pictures or bragging about potty training.

  • You could totally go on the Prime Timers (older crowd at church) trips but they don't provide child care. ha! 

  • Body parts have gone WAY south but you don't even care because at this age - who wants to wear a string bikini anymore anyway? 

  • Your bags under your eyes aren't from having a newborn - just 40 years of smiling. :-) 

Can you relate? 

I'd love to hear what you would add! :-) 

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