Thursday, February 21, 2013

Show Us your Life - Favorite Picture Ideas

Today is all about cute picture ideas.  I don't know about you but I LOVE scrolling through Pinterest and trying to find cute ways to take pictures of my kids.

I'd love for you to share cute engagement picture ideas, wedding picture ideas, family pictures ideas....etc.  Please put in the subject - what it relates to.  So all those soon to be brides can find the right ones or moms can find ideas.

I started to post a few of my favs off of Pinterest but then I felt awkward posting other people's pictures so I decided to pick a few favorites we have had recently.

My friend Bethany takes our family pictures and she is so talented.  She took me and the girls out one day this fall and just took a few lifestyle pics.  I think this is a sweet one. 

I love this because I hope to replicate it every day for the next 15 years! 

Bethany told us to lay down in the grass and I thought it was going to look SO silly but this picture is priceless to me. 

Please share your favorite pictures. I hope to find a few neat ideas! 

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