Tuesday, February 05, 2013

My life is a muscial

Life with two little girls is never boring.

 Neither of my girls care anything about toys. (Note to grandparents - just forget buying them any).  Hollis' favorite thing to do is get in my spice lazy susan cabinet. She pulls the door shut like above and calls it "her house".  I keep a huge box of Sweet & Low on the bottom and she likes to empty the box and pick it back up.

I took this picture last week one day when I was on third day hair and no make-up and Harper was on her third day in a row wearing her spiderman costume and wedding veil.

For her birthday - her Gigi got her those high heeled princess shoes.  She has lost her mind over them and now the minute we get home from anywhere - her shoes and socks or tights are off and those "slippers" are on. 

I've started putting Hollis' hair in pig tails and I could just die from the cuteness.  She actually is really good about leaving her hair alone.  Harper pulls and tugs and takes her hair down but Hollis never bothers it. She will leave bows in all day.  (Yes she is holding a bag of dish cubes. That's her next favorite thing to get. I've had to lock them up.)

Harper sometimes makes me feel like I'm in my own personal version of "Les Mis".  She likes to sing instead of talk.  Yesterday she was putting on a show outside so I filmed a little.  You can see what a character she is.  She's just singing anything that comes to mind and any observations she makes like the "water is dirty" in the water table or that Birds are flying near houses.  She also manages to "bossy" sing to her little sister.  Her throat must be parched from singing because she has to stop for refreshments near the beginning.  Maybe you will see her on Broadway one day! :-)

Please ignore our disaster of a  backyard. It is a HUGE mess right now because it's winter and I just haven't gone out there to clean it up.

My life is never boring.

I love it.

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