Thursday, February 07, 2013

A couple of things.........

I want to put in a plug today for two things that are very special to me.  I've talked about them before but they mean so much to me that I need to talk about them again!

First of all.........back in November I told you about Pure Charity.   In a nutshell - if you sign up for Pure Charity (which is totally free and easy) - as you shop on-line (or even book travel through sites like Expedia) - nearly every major retailer will donate a percentage of your purchases to your Pure Charity Giving account.  And then you can designate those dollars to go to any project you select.  And there are tons of different ones.

I mean - you shop like you normally do - yet you are doing good at the same time? Doesn't that make your heart happy?

So if you signed up on Pure Charity back in November - you probably by now have money in your giving fund.  It takes a while so understand that! So you can go pick what charity to give to!

I'd love to see you pick Compassion's Child Survival Program.  I've seen this program up close and in person twice and it is so great. It's helping babies (and mothers) survive in third world countries where mortality rates in young children can be high.  It helps teach the mothers how to care for their children. It's changing lives!

If you haven't signed up - what are you waiting for? It's FREE and it's a way to give and make a difference without really having to do anything! Sign up today!  


I'm super excited because my friend Melanie's book releases tomorrow! Y'all - this is one of the FUNNIEST and most encouraging and real books I've read on motherhood.  I was in the gym reading it one day and literally was laughing out loud like a fool.  It is just SO funny!  I absolutely loved it! You will too! 

Read it and share it with a friend! Give it to any mothers you know! 

SparklyGreenEarings4 from Big Mama on Vimeo.

You can buy it on AMAZON, Barnes and Noble, or Lifeway!

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