Friday, December 28, 2012

Monogram Swap Friday

Y'all know I love a good monogram.

But what to do when you outgrow or don't need the monogram anymore.

Today is the day for that! 

Or maybe you are in search of cute monogrammed things for a good deal!

So blog what you have to sell or link to a FB album.
OR put in comments what you have and leave an email where people can get in touch. 

In the link up - tell the names or Letters you have to sell.

I have gotten rid of almost all of my monogrammed things but I have a few things left.  I was monogrammed CRAZY when I first had Harper but as they have grown I monogram a lot less. But I'm still a sucker for a monogram. :-)

Here is a link to my items.  A lot were gifts so they are free to the first person who asks.  And I needed to iron but I was late getting this together so I will iron before I ship! Just ignore the wrinkles. 

Happy shopping and spread the word! The more people who participate - the more great stuff will get bought and sold! 

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