Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I want to be like other girls

This post is just a bunch of randomness. But there are so many things the girls are doing right now that are so funny - I just don't want to forget.  Having two at these ages is EXHAUSTING - especially when you aren't a spring chicken - but oh my goodness they are so fun. 

I've finally narrowed down that Harper wants a fan because she loves Mulan so much.  She finally told us the other night she wanted a fan because.........and then proceeded to sing "I want to be like other girls" from Mulan. ha ha ha! Yesterday at Bible Study her sweet teachers made her this paper fan and it NEVER left her hand the rest of the day and she slept with it last night.  I mean it really is the little things. Kids don't need fancy toys.

I feel like I usually have more pictures of Harper because she is just so more willing to pose for me but Hollis has actually taken several for me lately and they are darling.  She loves the christmas tree. Last night she led me by the hand into the living room and sat in the floor and just stared at the tree. SO precious! I can't wait to experience Christmas with her!

 I'm always saying "Girls - let's eat breakfast" or "Girls - let's get a bath" and Harper has taken up with being a spokesperson for the sisters and she will say "The girls want to have ice cream" or "The girls want to play outside".  It cracks me up.

Yesterday Hollis woke up from her nap and when I opened her door to get her - this is EXACTLY what greeted me. I was dying laughing and ran to get my phone to take her picture.  I could eat her up.

This is their school picture! I don't know if I ever showed you a sneak but I FINALLY got the pictures back this week and I just love this one.  Harper told me last night before their bath "Mom - thank you for being so sweet to us. You are my favorite friend"  She just makes my heart melt.  Lately if she talks back to me or does something wrong .....she  will come back a little later and say "Mom - I'm sorry I talked like that to you." She does it totally unprompted and it makes me so happy to see what a kind person she is becoming.  Best gift ever to me this season!

What do your kids want for Christmas that is funny? Or have ever asked for that was unusual?

Like a fan.

I also wanted to add that one of my good friends from college (she was Laurie's roommate at OBU) is now a missionary and her brother and SIL are an awesome family who are adopting twin boys from Africa. They are hosting an auction until Monday to raise money and I'd love for you to check it out!

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