Monday, December 03, 2012

Christmas Lights

My girls were all better by Sunday afternoon and we had been without sickness for almost 36-48 hours and were getting stir crazy so we decided to have a little fun family Christmas outing. 

(I need to warn you that Harper was playing in our garage an hour or two before we left and fell and got an ENORMOUS goose egg on her face. I tried to photoshop it out but I was having trouble so I just left it.  Oh well - we can look back and laugh at the cute pictures of her and Santa with a HUGE bruise on her forehead.)

Fayetteville always has the BEST light display on their square each year.  When I moved here almost 20 years ago - it was one of my favorite things to go to.  It has grown so much and we haven't gone the last couple of years but we decided to take the girls and we had SO much fun. 

They had a real life reindeer - my girls loved looking at him. 

Santa has not gone well before. My girls have cried every year.  But this year they were so excited and they went right up and sat on his lap. And Harper told Santa she wanted a fan.  (Don't worry - we have fans on the way for her! )
 This Santa was pretty realistic
 Me and my girls.

It was a little weird because it's been SO WARM here.  It was nice not to have to bundle up but I was sweating as we walked around.  I prefer it to be a little chilly so I can drink hot chocolate and feel snuggly.  Instead I was wishing for a snow cone. 
 What is a good light display in Arkansas without a big Razoraback? (Or several)
 Harper loved it! She kept saying "This is SO COOL!" 
 Little sister loved it too.  She had the best time. 
 They had ponies to ride which we planned to do but the lines were long and I knew Harper would be more excited to ride in Cinderella's carriage.  Of course she wanted to know where Cinderella was and she kept correcting me and saying "NO - it's a pumpkin carriage". ha! 
 Me and my baby

 Daddy and his girl.  (Bless her heart and that bump)

We had such a good time and the girls were both asleep before we got out of town. 
Back when I went to Dot Mom, one of the speakers Vicki Courtney told me about one of their family's best friend's daughters who is a freshman at the U of A - a long way from her home in Texas.  She said Taylor read my blog and that I should meet her.  We finally got to meet up for lunch yesterday and she was so darling cute.  I just love college girls. LOVE! 
I put this picture on instagram and I hadn't really thought of it but three people in a row said they thought she looked like a grown up Harper. And when I looked at it - I totally see that. Which is a huge compliment to my Harper. 

(Oh and the girls dresses were made my talented friend Amanda. Aren't they SO cute????)

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