Saturday, December 22, 2012

Getting older

So I turned 39 today. 

I will admit - I've been having a VERY tough time with the fact that I'm almost 40.  In my head I am NO older than 25 and I just feel like I'm having a mid life crisis.  BUT so many around me have lost their lives so young this year........I've decided I am VERY thankful to be 39.  In fact - I just pray that I will be able to see 40. And I will be joyful in every day I've been given. 

But am I 39? ha! I was JUST at OBU living in the dorm. 

 My birthday actually started yesterday.  My parents had asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told them SLEEP.  (Sort of kidding/sort of not kidding).  They called me a few days ago and said they were going to come to town Friday and wanted to take Hollis home with them.  We are headed there tomorrow for Christmas so that would give me two nights of GLORIOUS sleep.  Aren't they the best? ha! Plus - they love getting alone time with just Hollis and I love having alone time with Harper.  And then after Christmas - Harper is going to spend a few extra days alone there and I will have time just with Hollis.  I LOVE getting the chance to have one on one time with my girls.
 Of course - Harper was NOT happy that they took Hollis and not her.  Even when we explained her time was coming. She cried for the longest time.  And I wasn't prepared for how much the sisters would miss each other.  They have both constantly asked for each other.  But I called my mom today and they talked on the phone to each other for the first time and it was so precious.

 So I got TEN hours of uninterrupted sleep last night and I can't tell you how great it was.  Scott and Harper woke me up this morning singing Happy Birthday and Scott had gotten me the healthy breakfast of champions.  He knows my love language is donuts and Sonic drinks.  :-)

I decided I wanted a special birthday lunch so there is the BEST crepes food truck in our little town and I went and got lunch there.  And I had a SMORES crepe that would ROCK your world!!! I've been on a diet but I decided calories don't count on your birthday.

 I felt like I was totally living in Stars Hollow today with my little lunch and then we took Harper ice skating.  We have the cutest ice skating rink in our town.  They play movies every Saturday night.  Once the girls are older - in a year or two - we will have to start going.  I've been wanting to take Harper but Hollis is too little so it's been hard to go.
 We had the BEST time.  It was a beautiful day.  It really was too warm for my coat. It was in the 60's and we had so much fun.  It took a few times but Harper really got the hang of it.  In fact - she got so confident - she didn't want to hold my hand.  She wanted to skate by herself but then she fell.  So she decided maybe she would keep holding my hand.

It was so special to me to spend time doing something fun with her.  I can't wait to do something fun with just Hollis later this week. 
Tonight we had a babysitter and Scott and I got to have a date.  We went and ate dinner and then did last minute stocking stuffer shopping at Target.

I had the BEST birthday.   I got so many FB and Twitter messages and texts and phone calls. I actually stood in my kitchen today and cried because I'm just so blessed to have so many wonderful friends.  There is not money in the world to buy gifts that are better than the sweet friends God has given me.

I think I'm looking forward to turning 40.  And 50.  And 60.

 Life is pretty great.

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