Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

We headed to my parent's house on Sunday after church.  We got there just in time to get ready and head to the Christmas Eve Eve service at their church.  It was fun to be at my dad's church and see old friends I grew up with.  

Christmas Eve we had a nice day just hanging around my parent's house.  The girls played and we just relaxed.  We spent nap time getting things ready for Christmas. 

Nonny helped Harper make cookies for Santa. 

She was so proud

We got our christmas eve Pajamas on.
My sweet little girls. 

Hollis has started cheesing for the camera. She is so funny. 

The girls playing with their great grandma's nativity.  They love playing with this and our Little People nativity. 
 We wrote our letters to Santa 
 I loved this.  Harper was explaining to Hollis that the cookies were for Santa. 
 The girls' "letters"
 We waited and waited for the girls to go to sleep.  When they finally did - we got busy.  My parents got the girls this dollhouse and we put Harper's bike out.  And their stockings.  We wrapped everything else.  We give the girls three gifts each. 
 This morning Hollis woke up early but we had to drag Harper out of bed.  The girls came out to see their gifts. 
 Harper's reaction.  ha! 
 Opening their stockings
 Hollis was mostly interested in the one cookie Santa left.  
That was better than any toy. 
 Harper loved her bike - she rode it all around.  Too bad this was the first really cold day we have had and she couldn't go outside. 
 My parents and Aunt Linda.  We had a small Christmas today.  My Uncle Bob was sick.  
 The girls dressed and ready to open gifts
 The adults in my family drew names but we all got the girls things.  They got a lot of fun things - a lot of purses, baby dolls, and a ton of princess things. 
 Hollis twirling with her new purse
 Harper carrying a lot of her "stash".

We had a wonderful Christmas.  My dad grilled steaks for our Christmas lunch.  It was delicious.  We thought it was going to snow today so we left right after lunch.  Of course it didn't snow here - it went south of us but that is FINE! 

I hope your Christmas was wonderful too! 

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