Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pediatrician advice

I know this is two Huggies posts in a row but this is the last one and I'm knee deep trying to decorate my house for Christmas today and no time to post so I thought I would go ahead and put this up. Plus you get to see me looking pitiful on video and it will make you feel better about yourself!

I put the girls in their Christmas tree shirts today because I'm hoping to surprise them with our Christmas trees up when they get home from school.  Hollis looks like a little Sophia from the Golden Girls with her purses. She always has one one and would NOT take them off today.  She always has either a purse or jewelry on at all times. She makes me laugh.

This is the FINAL post in my series with Huggies and BlogHer on a baby's first year. The topic for today is WHAT is your BEST advice you ever got from your pediatrician? I decided to do a quick video to ask you this question and be prepared to take small children out of the room before they watch this video because they may be shocked and scared by what they see. (I don't have on make-up). Thanks for reading along on this series - I have loved having topics to discuss. I kind of want to just make up my own topics to discuss this year and keep it going! :-)

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