Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two Parties

Today we had two parties to go to - what a fun day we have had!

 My friends had a Halloween play group today hosted my friend Caryn. The girls are bees this year. I couldn't get a picture of them together today to save my life but I'm hoping for Halloween.  We are going to our church carnival. I'm still debating on if Scott and I will dress up like bees or bee keepers ourselves.  Today I decided to at least wear bee colors! ha! 

 My idea of fall decorations is to stick the same fall wreath I've had for 8 years on my front door and get a few mums that I try hard not to kill and a few pumpkins on our front step.  And MAYBE if I'm feeling fancy - I'll put a few pie pumpkins around inside.
Caryn had her house DECKED out in fall.

Everything was so cute - I had to share pictures.  I don't really decorate for the season because 1. I don't have any fall decorations or spring decorations and don't want to store them and 2. Just decorating for Christmas basically takes me 12 months to recover so I just stick to one holiday to decorate for.  
 We had pizza and Caryn had all kinds of goodies.  
 I loved this wall in her kitchen - how cute is the Razorback schedule and her calendar? 
 My girls had a great time playing and eating
 My friend Elizabeth and the cutest little baby boy ever! 
 I tried to get a picture of these cute 3 and 4 year olds. How awesome is it that not ONE of them is looking at me. 
 And today is a big day in our house! Dawson our first baby is TEN years old today!!!! 
I hung this birthday banner in our kitchen for him.  
I kind of think he knows it's his birthday because he has been extra peppy today and smiling a lot. 
We came home from play group and put on pj's cause it's dreary and rainy outside and it's just a good day for it.  Harper and I made cookies to celebrate Dawson's birthday.  He can't actually eat them but he will get some kind of treat for dinner.  And I got him a new collar and leash.  He hasn't had a new one in probably 6 or 7 years so he deserves it!
Here is the birthday boy in his new pink collar. I know it's pink. And he's a boy. But it was the cutest collar they had and he lives in a princess home. I think he has embraced it. :-)

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