Thursday, October 25, 2012

Baby Carriers

This is another post in the series I'm writing on early motherhood for Huggies and BlogHer.  These posts are all about the first few months in a baby's life.  It's hard to believe that I'm already out of this stage and into toddlerhood so I love looking back and reflecting.

Today I'm asking the question - Did you use a baby carrier and what kind??? And did you like it or did it work for you?

I did not use one with Harper for many reasons. Honestly with Harper I thought it was something only granola moms with birkenstocks did.  I didn't really know any moms who used those and thought it was kind of weird.  Plus she was a big baby and I thought it would be awkward.

But in the months that followed Harper and the year or so after, I noticed a trend that everyone was suddenly wearing some kind of carrier.  And they seemed to love them.

I knew I was having a c-section with Hollis so it became almost a necessity.  I couldn't carry around her car seat everywhere and with a brand new two year to chase also - I needed help.  Luckily my friend Melissa let me borrow two different ones from her.  I liked one over the other and I used it so much those first few weeks.  I wore it pretty much every where we went from the time we started getting out around 2-3 weeks until I could finally lift the baby seat.

I actually loved wearing Hollis in a carrier.  If you get a good kind that is stretchy and tight - it's like a cocoon.  Hollis would sleep so good in there and we could go anywhere. And I still had hands to do things or hold Harper's hand.  I think it's almost a necessity with baby #2 or #3 or on and on.

Scott was never the "baby wearing" kind of guy - but it can be good for dads too if you get a Baby Bjorn or a more masculine baby carrier.

So help out the new moms reading - was it worth it to you? Did you use it? Would you suggest borrowing one if possible? Or skip all together?
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