Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just me and my baby

 Scott left on Thursday to go hunting and Harper left to go to her grandparents so it's been just me and my curly headed baby since Thursday.  I have so enjoyed some time alone with her.
Why does she look 12 in this picture? She is getting so big.
 We have spent a lot of time alone playing and being outside in the nice weather (well when it wasn't raining yesterday).  We did some shopping and cleaned the house.  It's amazing what you can get done when you have one kid. (I only say that after having two. I'm sure if I had three - I would think two was easy. It's all relative. )
Friday night I met up with a group of local bloggers for dinner.  They were meeting after Hollis goes to bed so it worked out great to have a sitter come and just be here while she slept.  We ate at a place I had never been to which I actually read was Ecuadorian which made me happy since I have been to Ecuador. It was really good.  I had a good time visiting. 
(For those who asked: my shirt is from and my jeans are old navy. And I'm so glad you like it because I wear this outfit literally every 3rd day.)

I have decided it's time to join a gym. I'm never going to lose the 20-30 pounds that have hung around since Harper if I don't get busy.  So I got a free pass and tried it out Saturday morning.  I like to take classes because I don't like exercising and I'm a wimp so I need it to be fun and I need to be too embarrassed to quit.  I did a Zumba class and loved it.  I have never felt so white and so awkward but I loved it.  Let's just say I am NO Shakira. I would have loved it more if all my friends came so we could laugh at how hilarious we look.  

Saturday afternoon Hollis and I went around to junk stores.  I am looking for a piece of furniture and Hollis was SOOO good. We had a really good time.  I think she likes a little alone time with me! 

Today was church which included me working in the nursery and then teaching 3 year olds so it was one of those Sundays I don't really feel like I went because I didn't get fed but I'm grateful to serve so that others can get fed.  I will have seasons where I can worship and learn and seasons where I can do the serving - and I learn from both!  And of course Hollis took a 5 min nap in the car on the way home and now she is in her room not napping.  Isn't it awesome when they do that? ha! Said NO MOM EVER! Harper and Scott are on their way home and I'll be glad when we are all in the same house again.

Tomorrow there is a silent auction going on for Julee Turner.  There will be TONS of things (awesome things) being auctioned off so check these sites (the links will all be on each of these blogs).  I hope you will bid and win things and help support Julee.  Thank you for these bloggers for putting this together:

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