Thursday, October 11, 2012


I wanted to share that Matt's funeral yesterday was the best funeral I have ever been to. That is a phrase that just seems greatly inappropriate but I mean - as a celebration of Matt's life - it was a wonderful reflection of who he was.  There were several people from his life who spoke and shared funny stories about the person Matt was.  And what an amazing person he was.  It's a time where I left thinking "Man, I wish I had known him better. What a great guy".  One of my favorite sportscasters here in Arkansas spoke and he did such a good job.  He shared how Matt was someone who made all of his friends feel so special - they all thought they were his best friend.  He said in fact there were 25 people together talking about Matt the night before the funeral and each one would SWEAR they were his BEST friend. I love that. What a great quality. 

I left feeling very inspired of "what would people say about me at my funeral?".  Do you ever think about that? Live a life so that people will leave your funeral wanting to more like you and more importantly - wanting to be more like Jesus. 

Please keep Julie in your prayers - her new normal is just beginning and she is going to need love and many prayers. 

One of my favorite local boutiques is donating 15% of all sales tomorrow to a fund for Preslee so SHOP tomorrow and support. (and you will want all their cute things anyway). 

 I was grateful for my in-laws who came up to keep the girls yesterday so I could go to the funeral.  What a blessing both of our families are to us.  I'm thankful Julee also has her and Matt's family who are so loving and good to her.

 I took Harper to her first wedding this weekend and I just had to share a picture of her.  Her preschool teacher (who is also the daughter of one of my very favorite women at church) got married.  I wasn't sure how Harper would do but she was SOOO good. She sat so still and barely made a peep.  And when we got in the car after the wedding she said "I want to get married!" So I guess it made a good impression.  We didn't go to the reception - it was freezing here and SLEETING (so bizarre in October) and I wasn't sure how Harper would do but we enjoyed the wedding.

 I am SO blessed to have this little girl.
Her grandparents took her home this morning with them for a few days.  She was SOOOOO excited when they told her.  She barely said goodbye to me - she was so happy to go to "Gigi's house".  

So I have a little time alone with this little blessing.  I thought I would teach her early about the glory of make-up. :-) (And no Gordman's doesn't carry Urban Decay - I just took one of their shopping carts into Ulta because I wasn't going to let an 18 month loose in a make-up store. Can you imagine? ha!) 

Thank you for the wonderful support and prayer you have shown Julee this week. I have been blown away by the response to send her mail.  I'm still working on emails - but you should hear from me by this weekend. I got over 1000 emails. 
LOVE LOVE this community! 

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