Thursday, October 18, 2012

18 months

Thank you for all your questions on the last post about blogging! They really helped me! I had fun speaking at MOPS today.  I'm planning to do a post next week that covers everything y'all asked!

 Today was Hollis' 18 month appointment.  (She's actually 19 months but I'm slow).

I got tickled at the girls in the waiting room.  They were so good. They actually sat in these chairs the whole time.  Harper (or little Mother Hen) would look over at Hollis every few minutes and whisper " need to be quiet".  She is a bossy little thing but she loves her sister. 

Hollis had a good appointment.  She weighs 30 lbs and is 35 inches tall.  (Both in the 95 - 99% range.) What is so interesting is she weighs the same as Harper at this age but is 3 inches taller.  I noticed when I worked in the nursery this past week that she was a head taller than most the little girls her age and even taller than a couple of little boys who are already two.  

We grow them big at our house! I'm just glad she's healthy! 

We were going to hit a pumpkin patch today in our pumpkin outfits but it was pretty windy so we will try again in a few days! 

 Hollis will NOT get near the camera.  We are having family pictures made this weekend and I'm nervous on how this will go. We may just have to photo shop her in.  But Harper loves to "take pictures".  She constantly asks me to.
Here are my two girls at exactly the same age.  I don't think they look alike at all. 
I couldn't imagine my life without either one.  
So thankful.

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