Sunday, September 09, 2012

Our weekend

It's been in the 100's since early May around here. Friday night we had a storm and we woke up to 55 degrees of bliss!!! I took the girls on a walk and it seemed cool so I bundled them up.  Probably a little too much - it wasn't all that cold but 55 seemed like winter. 

Saturday morning I went to a wedding shower at church.  A beautiful girl who works in our youth department is getting married in November.  Her mom, Janet, is the friend I have talked about a few times who is battling ovarian cancer.  I know that planning this wedding together is a huge blessing to them! I didn't take any pictures except of this cute little display they had on one table.

I got the girls all dressed in their game day outfits.  I had these dresses made last year.  This year they wore them as long shirts.  I posted this picture on twitter and my mom called worried that Harper had a black eye. ha! It does look that way but it was just a shadow. 
I took the girls to CFA for lunch and to play so Scott could watch football.  I thought that qualified me as super wife at least for a day! :-)
Of course the girls got ketchup all over their outfits so we had to move on to Hog outfits #2 after naps. 

Ready to cheer on the hogs!
(I got the red jeans at Old Navy and the top randomly on Zulily - I think it's my favorite shirt I've ever owned. 

This was CLEARLY before the game.  If you keep up - our game was a total disaster and I just can't speak about it. I will always love my hogs but to say I'm disappointed in our season and it's only game 2 - is a HUGE understatement.   Oh well - winning isn't everything. U of A chose integrity this year and that is always more important. (but it does stink to lose).  :-)
 I love these little Razorback girls
 Saturday night we went to a birthday party for Jillian.  She turned two.  Which seems so crazy because I feel like we were JUST at her first birthday party last week.  Then again - I also feel like I was JUST at the hospital visiting after she was born.  Time flies when you have little ones. 
 I was so excited because Julee and Preslee were there. They are seriously twins. Preslee is getting so big and beautiful!
 I'm not kidding when I say that Harper and Hollis both had the best time they have probably ever had at this party.  They had SOOOO much fun. It was fun watching them.  Harper is starting gymnastics this week and I'm so excited. She was walking the balance beam all by herself like a pro and hanging on bars. I think she is going to be quite the gymnast.
 This was the first party that Hollis has ever really been able to play at and she had a BALL!! She seemed so big tonight!
 How cute are these cookies? Sweet Holly that makes these cookies was at the party. She is SO uber talented. 
 Harper was so sweet to her sister the whole time.  These two bring me so much joy.

Sweet birthday girl. I just love this family. 

Today - we headed to church.  I tried to take a few pictures of the two cupcakes before we left.  Taking one together wasn't working so I took separate ones. 
NOW we are all smiles! 

We had a great day at church and now it's the best time of the day - nap time! I think I'll join them! :-)

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