Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Not your Momma's Motherhood

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I'd like to call this, "This ain't your momma's motherhood".

I'm older than a lot of new moms - 38 - but times have changed A LOT since my mom had babies. †I think the basics are still the same - nurturing, loving, caring for your child but things are done so differently. For example - I think I rode in a car seat but it's possible I didn't and I for sure wasn't rear faced for two years. Or even one year. †Car seats were not a standard law for the first six years. In fact - my brother and I rode in the WAY back of the station wagon as young kids. I'm not condoning that - I'm so thankful for safety - but it's just funny how times have changed.

Babies also used to sleep on their tummies from day one. Now moms would freak rather than put their babies on their stomachs. And rightly so. Back sleeping is recommended. Our moms didn't have diaper genies or bottle warmers. There were no Boppy's or Bumbo's.

I have my Baby Book and I almost died when I saw what the doctor gave my mom as a recommended solid food schedule. Now doctors will tell you to wait until six months to begin solids and even then it's rice cereal and then veggies and then fruits. My doctor had me on MEAT by three months. MEAT. Can you imagine giving your three month old some chicken?

When I was a baby they didn't have the percentage growth charts either. I think a lot of us moms get worried if our baby is below 10% or like mine - above 95%. I think we can get caught up in what's normal or not normal when children often will average out at a certain age.

Breast feeding wasn't really encouraged back in the 1970's and now it seems to be strongly encouraged. I feel like it has been flipped since my generation. The mom wars have always been around but they have changed.

What do you notice is different in your mothering vs how your mom did things? Or some of you in the older generation - how do you notice things have changed? I'm curious! No matter the techniques - we all have the ultimate goal of loving our children and raising them to be the best adults they can be.
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