Thursday, September 27, 2012

Making Memories

Thursdays are the one day of the week that we have no where to be which is so nice.  Today we packed it full of fun though.

 I have put it off but I decided that it was time for Hollis to get her first haircut.  Harper really needed hers cut and Hollis' has bangs that just hang down in her face so it was time.  I took them to a kid friendly place because I knew they would do good there.  We got there the minute it opened so we didn't have to wait and the girls did SO good! Hollis was perfect!

Harper looks thrilled - but she really did like getting her hair cut and she acted so well! 
 Hollis did great! She is so funny!  I mainly just got her bangs cut and a little trimmed in the back.
I was a little worried the curls would fall out but I don't know why - it's curlier than ever now!  She put mousse in it and dried it with a diffuser and it looked so precious!

 Little sweeties with new do's.

 We left there and met up with a group of friends at CFA.  We used to have playgroup twice a month but it got to be so out of control we just quit.  We also all got busy with preschool and activities.  But we occasionally can meet up for lunch and playing and that's nice.
 My girls love "Aunt Laurie" so so much!
 Amanda and Lela
There is a pumpkin place on the road and Harper is ALWAYS asking to go get a pumpkin so I decided we would go today after lunch.  (How cute are their pumpkin dresses from  I tried to get a good picture of them but they will never both look and I sweat so much I might as well do an hour long zumba class.  I just end up getting frustrated. (Do y'all do that?)
Harper was SO excited and had so much fun.  I foresee several visits to pumpkin patches in the next few weeks.  I love this time of year. And Harper is finally really into it which makes it so fun!
Hollis had a good time too!
Harper wanted to buy every pumpkin there.  We got several good ones for our front porch!

My absolute favorite lady at church came up to me at Bible Study this week and told me she had read my blog about "changing my prayers" and she copied a poem for me that had encouraged her when her boys were growing up.  I had big tears well up when she gave it to me and I could have done the ugly cry honestly.  This is by Billy Graham's daughter Ruth and it is PERFECT.  You might want to get a copy for your bathroom mirror. 

Had I been Joseph's mother 
I'd have prayed 
protection from his brothers 
"God, keep him safe. 
He is so young, 
so different from 
the others." 
she never knew 
there would be slavery 
and prison, too. 

Had I been Moses' mother 
I'd have wept to keep my little son: 
praying she might forget 
the babe drawn from the water 
of the Nile. 
Had I not kept 
him for her 
nursing him the while, 
was he not mine? 
--and she 
but Pharaoh's daughter? 

Had I been Daniel's mother 
I should have pled 
"Give victory! 
--this Babylonian horde 
godless and cruel-- 
Don't let him be a captive 
--better dead, 
Almighty Lord!" 

Had I been Mary, 
Oh, had I been she, 
I would have cried 
as never a mother cried, 
"Anything, O God, 

With such prayers importunate 
my finite wisdom would assail 
Infinite Wisdom 
God, how fortunate 
Infinite Wisdom 
should prevail.

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