Friday, September 07, 2012

Grown Up Birthday Party Ideas

There is so much out there for ideas for kid birthday parties but I've had a lot of requests to do a post on Grown-up Birthday parties.

I have to admit - I've really only thrown one adult party.  We normally just meet up for dinner or lunch with friends at a restaurant.  But there are times it's fun to throw a party - especially a themed party so I hope y'all will share all your ideas!!!

 In April my best friend of 20 years turned 40.  I HAD to celebrate that! So I threw her a surprise lunch. Since all of our friends are young moms - I picked a day the majority of our kids would be at school or MDO and invited everyone over.  I told Laurie I was having lunch for just us and 2 other friends and had her come a little later.
 I asked everyone to wear black and I decorated in black. I didn't' go too crazy with decorations but I wanted to make it a little festive.
 My friend Robin made these cute cookies. This isn't the best picture but they were too cute for words. The cupcakes say "Laurie".

I got a chocolate cake and a white cake from a local bakery. They turned out cute and they were SO good!
 I served tacos and chips, guacamole, salsa, taquitos and king ranch chicken along with the desserts.

Everyone in their black.  I had a few out of town surprise guests that came also! 
I had all of Laurie's friends - even ones that live away and couldn't be here write Laurie a letter and tell her how special she is to them or tell a funny story or stories.  Laurie loves words of affirmation so I knew she would treasure this. I have a feeling she might sleep with it under her pillow. I put all the letters in a book for her.

I can't wait to get ideas from this..........I have other friends with big birthdays coming up........may need to do something fun!

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