Thursday, September 06, 2012

Do Blonds have more fun?

I get asked ALL THE TIME how I went from having such dark hair to such blond hair and was it gradual and how do I color it, etc.

I thought I would just write a little post about it. Now - there are going to be a bunch of you who will say I look better with dark hair - and you are probably right but there are reasons that's probably not going to happen.

This is me as a child.  In the picture on the right - my hair looks reddish but that's just the 70's processing. I have very very naturally dark almost black hair.
And this was me in high school.


Unbelievable, right? UGH.

This is why 80's fashions being in style scares me - I don't need big hair to EVER come back. 
And neither does the ozone. 

 This was me in college - my OBU days.  It's funny because when I see people I haven't seen since high school or college - they don't know who I am. Can you blame them? 

In college was when I started getting gray hair. Around 20.  You can thank that man standing next to me and all his relatives.  My dad's side of the family is lucky to have this fun gene that turns you gray before you are 30.  Lucky us! 

So after college I started getting a few highlights to camouflage the gray.  Every year I would get more and more gray and so I would get more and more highlights.  This has always been done in a salon. I only tried to color my hair once and I looked like BOZO the clown - never again. 

These pictures are in my late 20's - you can see the color is getting a little lighter. 

 And a little lighter. I'm also getting older and more wrinkled in every picture. And a little chunkier but that's a story for another day. 

 I've also had long and short hair, bangs and no bangs. 

 So around the time I had Harper - I went short and got WAY blonder. I didn't really mean to - it just happened. I mostly get all over color now because it's quicker and cheaper so that's kind of why it's this way.  

 And now I'm growing out my hair. I've liked it really blond for summer but I told my stylist that next time I came in - I wanted to start darkening it up for fall/winter. I want more of a caramel color or dark blond.  I get my hair colored every 4-5 weeks. Any longer than that and I have HORRIBLE white roots. My hair is now completely gray/white. It also has the texture of gray hair - very coarse.  Good times.
I would love to go back to dark but the white roots would show AWFUL and I would have to color it almost every 2-3 weeks.  Maybe one day I'll take the plunge and go back dark but for now - I sort of just feel like I was born to be blond. :-)

I'm going to add......I do not color my eyebrows. DO YOU SEE HOW THICK they were in high school? (oh my gosh my can't get past that to see the eyebrows). In my 20's I plucked them to death - I haven't had to pluck them much since. They are still dark but somehow it works. I've thought about taking them lighter but felt like it would look crazy. 

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