Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Some Lasts and a Contest

 Yesterday I met my friend Amber for our last lunch together (for a while) before she moves away this weekend. I tried not to be sad and just pretend she is just going on vacation for a while. ha! She has been such a good friend to me and someone who just "gets" where I am in life. It was a sad but fun time. We ate at our favorite place in town to eat. We have shared many lunches there and I'm so thankful.
 Today was another last - it was the last day for summer MDO for the girls. It has been good this summer to have one day a week to keep appointments and run errands or clean house and the girls have enjoyed getting to play somewhere. They both loved going and would just run in with smiles on their faces and had smiles when I picked them up. It makes it easier to do it when I know they love it too!
How could you not just love this little face? She is just sunshine to my soul. Especially when we are past a few AWFUL teething weeks. Whooooo Boy. Teething is no fun.

Okay.......I have a big favor. This is something I don't normally do but it just seemed fun. Better Homes and Garden is having a contest where they chose one blogger from each state to take their Scented Wax Warmers and pick cubes and combine them to form a scent they think represents their state. And now they are having a contest on facebook through the end of August to vote for the Best state. Guess who is repping Arkansas??? I'm sure you can't guess. ha! I named my scent

 "Arkansas Naturally Pigalicious". 

Because we are the Natural State and because we love our Hogs here in Arkansas. 
I used 
Country sunflower to represent our rural & farm lands 
Tranquil garden spa to represent how Arkansas is a laid back state filled with kind and gracious people. 
And Cinnamon & spice to represent razorback country. Because Hogs smell good!

They only carry these in Wal-Mart and they are just $15 for the warmer and $2 for the 6 pack of cubes. And you don't have to worry about burning your house down. And the cubes are re-usable so it's so much cheaper than buying candles. And they smell great! 

Okay would y'all PLEASE take 5 minutes and vote for me? Just by voting you will have a chance to win a warmer. And if I win - I get to give away 10 $25 Wal-Mart gift cards! So if I win it will benefit some of you!!! And I would get the chance to go visit the BHG headquarters.  And I know that does nothing for any of you but I promise I would write all about it and we could all pretend we went together? Sound like fun? 

I'm especially expecting all ARKANSAS readers to vote me. It's state pride, right? 

Here is where you vote:

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