Thursday, August 02, 2012

Oh Girls

 Things are never boring around here. Harper bounced out of bed this morning and immediately asked to "take a picture".  ha! She and Hollis lined up on the wall and said "cheese" before I could barely get my eyes open. ha!
 Our church is having a clothing giveaway this weekend so I've tried to go to the church a few times this this week and help get ready.  I took the girls this morning for a few hours and then we went to speech for Harper.  I dressed the girls like we are at the beach today. Why not - it's 104. :-)
 My friend Aimee made this precious outfit for her little girl and then passed it on to me. Harper wore it 2 years ago and now Hollis is wearing it.  It's so funny to think that I was pregnant with Hollis when that picture of Harper was taken.  I thought she was SOOO big. And Hollis at the same age seems so little and I can't IMAGINE being pregnant right now. ha!
I kept Emily and Sarah Kate for a little while this afternoon.  The girls had a great time. They had a dance party and then I made them "jump" for pictures. Emily thought that was the greatest thing ever. I would take pictures and then she and I would look at them and laugh and laugh. Emily started first grade this week. I can't believe that. She is the sweetest little girl.  The girls would run in a pack all through our house and little Hollis was just waddling right along - it was so cute. 
 Sweet friends! Harper looks like my mom as a little girl in this picture. 
 The girls wanted to make "funny faces" in this picture. They crack me up.  
My sweet friend Amanda (that's us with an Ecuador friend) wrote the BEST post I have read in a while yesterday. I had to share it with you..........if you are going through a trial and wondering what God is doing.........I hope this gives you encouragement.

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