Monday, July 30, 2012

Lately in pictures

I feel like I rarely pull out our good cameras to take pictures much lately. I love the convenience of using my cell phone.  I thought I would share a few pictures that I have on my phone from the last few days.
Little Miss Hollywood waiting for dinner. ha! She is so funny. Hollis refuses to eat in her highchair anymore. Harper always eats her meals at her little kid table and now Hollis wants to eat there too.

Saturday we had a fun family day.  We had to go to a few stores and run a few errands and then we took the girls to get ice cream and play and then to petco to see the Kitty Cats and Fish. It's like our cheap version of the zoo. Harper was SO excited to see anything that was alive in the store. I told Scott we HAD to take them to the zoo this fall. I wish we had one really close by.  And that it wasn't 105 degrees.
Harper was always a climber and pretty brave but it took her until she was about 2.5 before she would climb to the top of the chick fil a playset. Hollis made it up Saturday. And she did it by going up the long, windy slide backwards. But then she was stuck. And who had to go and get her. ME. 
I'm not claustrophobic but climbing up that small closed in slide nearly did me in. 

At VBS the girls got gift certificates for a free mini pizza at Papa Murphy's. We love that place - you get the pizzas and bake them yourselves. This one the girls actually got to make themselves. They loved it! That was a good Saturday night dinner!
 Sunday I was up early and I did a little instagram picture of my hair PRE, DURING and POST poof! ha! Thanks to Freeze It the cheap hairspray that can make your hair Arkansas big. (And that is my robe - not a dress. But I love it!)
 I got this robe right before I had Hollis so I would have something pretty to wear in the hospital because I knew I would be there a few days. I wear it EVERY single day. I bought it at dillards and the brand is Natori. It came in like 10 colors.

And of course - here is my little princess. It's all baby dolls and princess and Barbie here 24/7. And I love it!

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