Sunday, July 22, 2012

June/July Sponsors

Every month I am featuring "small businesses" as sponsors on my blog. This is something I am doing for free so I can help out these women/men who are entrepreneurs. I'd love for you to check them out if you are interested! I got behind so these sponsors have been up for June and July!

Ruth and Rose has the cutest shop.  She sells all kinds of cute baby clothes and the CUTEST baby bows ever!!!!!

How cute would this little car onesie be on your baby boy? Or your friend's baby? Or your grandchild?

I've mentioned local store Riffraff before. It's a store I'm in love with and the great thing is - you don't have to live in NWA. They have a Facebook page and you can order all their cute clothes and jewelry and they will ship! You have to be local to check out all the darling furniture, sorority pictures, and fun home accessories.

They have the CUTEST clothes and the prices are good too!
I think the thing I'm most smitten with is their jewelry! If you shop from them - tell them I sent you!

Monkey Stitch makes the cutest little outfits. My girls had this exact set above and I LOVED it!!!!
and every kid needs a cute "back to school" shirt for preschool or grade school. Aren't these so cute?

Robinson Lane makes amazing state necklaces. I'm pretty sure you can guess how much I love these Arkansas ones. I love the "raised and stayed" one!
BUT LOOK - she can make any state!!!! I know so many of you love your states as much as I love mine - now you can wear that state proudly around your neck! Check her out! Or great birthday gift for that person in you life who has state pride!

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