Monday, July 23, 2012

Help has arrived!

 My father-in-law has a meeting here this week so my MIL tagged along and is staying with us for a few days.  Harper is beside herself she is so excited to have GiGi here!

I can't lie - I'm SOOO thankful to have her here. She has been playing with the girls all day and I have gotten so much done.  I've been able to do more today than I can usually do in a week because I have super nanny here. 
 This is what happens if we try to get a picture with both girls and Gigi (or anyone).  Harper will smile and pose and "little wildcat" as we call her is all over the place! ha!

She was still for a nano second this afternoon. 

 I have a little cabinet in my laundry room I call my "party" cabinet. I keep all my tablecloths there and all my party supplies like cups, plates and napkins. I was cleaning it out today and couldn't believe all the napkins I have. I feel like I need to go to Napkins Anonymous. I just tend to over buy when I have things at my house. This is from years of get togethers. I never want to run out of cute napkins at things. But I think maybe I won't buy anymore for a while - I'll just pick from these colors. And don't worry - the paper plate stack was equally as high and colorful.  Do you have a napkin addiction too? Or something similar? 

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