Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekend fun

We are having a pretty laid-back weekend and I'm so thankful for that! Mostly we are trying to stay cool! 
We went to a birthday party for our friend Peyton this morning. He had a Veggie Tales birthday at the park. How cute are these cookies??? 

 I was a little worried because it is SO hot but it was actually one of the most laid back and fun parties we have been to. They had a pavilion and it was semi cool in it and it was next to a really nice playground we have never played at and my girls (especially Harper) LOVED it. I have to go back soon. They got to eat pizza and cupcakes and it was just fun.  Hollis was such a big girl.  She sat up on the picnic table and ate her lunch. I couldn't get over how big she seemed doing that.

 Sweet birthday boy and his pretty momma
 They had this cute little place to pose for pictures!
 Harper is getting so good at letting us take her picture. She keeps asking me to take her picture all the time now. It cracks me up. 
 Just a glimpse of our life in 13 more years. Sigh.
 Late this afternoon we headed to the splash park.  The girls had so much fun.
 I think Hollis has more fun that anyone
 They have a new snow cone stand at the splash park and they are VERY good. Sisters shared one!
My favorite picture of the day and maybe ever. Harper was supposedly "napping" in her room and we heard her singing really loud. We stood outside her door listening and we opened the door and this was what we found. She was sitting in her chair in this outfit (her "shirt" is a ballet skirt) just singing away. Isn't she too much? I've been tickled at her lately because I think she has been watching too many musicals because now she thinks she is living a musical. Sometimes she will just break out in song ...."whatcha doing mommy? I want to eat lunch now. Can I have some more juice"....imagine all that in sing-song fashion.  There is never a dull moment with that girl in my life.
P.S. How great is it that she is wearing that outfit and holding a razorback football?

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