Friday, June 29, 2012

Show Us Your Life - Kids' Rooms and Nurseries

Today is all about kid's rooms and nurseries. This is probably the most popular spot on the home tour because we are always looking for fun ways to do our kids' rooms!

This is Harper's room when I first did her nursery. These pictures were taken before she was even born!
Her room was pink and brown with a touch of green and zebra print. I loved it. It has evolved some. The crib is gone and she sleeps on the day bed. We have new pink bedding and a pink rug. I was going to update her pictures but both girls are napping so I'm going with old pictures. 
My friend Jamie painted our verse for Harper to go above her bed - Ephesians 3:20. 
Just FYI - know any Harper's about to be born who would like this bedding? I'm selling it - contact me! 
This is Hollis' room before she was born. It's basically the same now but the day bed has moved back to Harper's room and is her big girl bed. That day bed has served us well! 
Hollis' room was in light brown and blue and I love it! It's so calm and sweet! 
This is looking into her nursery.  Baskets of toys now line the wall where the day bed was. 
This has been added - this is the dress both girls came home from the hospital in. I love this shadow box.

I'm interested to see your rooms!

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