Wednesday, May 09, 2012

What's Up Wednesday

We have been a little under the weather here lately. So I've just been laying low. Which means not a lot to blog about!

But I do have a few things I thought I would share (and maybe a few pics of my favorite 3 year old before school today).

First of all - you know I have a passion for Compassion.  If you have read here long - you know that I have had the amazing chance to travel with them to Ecuador and El Salvador and I stand behind how awesome the organization is and what they are doing to rescue kids from poverty in the name of Jesus.
There is a great group of bloggers in Tazania right now. I thought you might like to read along. Here are a few great posts to check out!

Danielle who does my blog designs (and we are working on a new fun much needed update for here SOON!!!) has a new website that she works on called The Every Girl.  It has all kinds of fun things - decorating, fashion, food.......This week is Wedding week and they have all kinds of neat features. You need to check it out!!!

A week or 2 ago I posted a little VLOG about diaper bags. I'm doing this series with Huggies and BlogHer about a baby's first year and  I guess I goofed and was supposed to post it this week. oops.  I have a hard time with calendars and timelines in case you don't know me. Anyway - in case you didn't see the crazy little video by me - it's here!

And I'm VERY excited that starting in June - throughout the summer - we will be doing the "Show Us Your HOME series!" WE will move through all the rooms in our homes and get fun ideas. I want to be VERY clear that this is not for design homes. This is for all you normal every day women out there. I want real life homes. We have small children. We have dogs. Our homes might not be show places but they are where are hearts lie! Isn't it fun to take a tour of homes from your chair at home? So I hope you will all plan to participate!!!!

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