Thursday, May 10, 2012

iPhone picture dump

Its 11:30 at night and I can't sleep. I thought I would dump out some phone pics into a blog post. Some time mid day tomorrow I'll get up SUYL! It's all for you new moms!!!

I straightened my hair last week for the first time in weeks. I think it might be the last for a while. 
(This picture is so funny. I look so mean. I don't know why I didn't smile - I guess I was trying to be cool. ha ha ha ha!)

I have been wearing it curly and it's just SO much more low maintenance. What do you think - curly or straight? If you vote straight  - you have to come dry and fix it for me. 
I voted early today. Arkansas' primary is in a couple of weeks but I will be out of town plus it's just quicker to go early.  I had a sitter for Hollis today for a few hours so Harper and I ran a few errands together. It was fun to take her to vote. They even gave her an Arkansas coloring book!
We have this really neat toy store with all kinds of unique toys in it and I took Harper today and she was in heaven. We were the only ones there so she played with a train table and a doll house while I looked around. It was really fun. 
 My sweet Hollis. I love the days Harper goes to MDO and I get to spend one on one time with her. She is the sweetest.

I love this picture of Harper. This pig is on the Crystal Bridges Art Walk and Harper loves him. She always wants to touch the pig. What can I say - we are crazy about our hogs here! :-)

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