Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday RANDOM girl

I just have some random stuff today:

It was time for Dawson's annual shots and exam yesterday so Hollis and I took him.  Doesn't Hollis look thrilled that someone besides her is getting the shots? I LOVE this picture of her. I have looked at it a zillion times because it makes me smile. I also realized that Dawson turns 10 soon and that makes me so sad. And I'm pretty sure Hollis almost said Dawson yesterday. 
Every Wednesday on my new KNWA blog - I'm doing an "Around the Town" where I feature all of NWA's hidden gems - fun and unique stores and restaurants.  You need to check it out and see what I talked about this week. This picture gives a clue.
Also yesterday I did my first "skype in" on the news and it was a disaster. My skype didn't work so I last minute switched to Scott's computer in his office and didn't realize Dawson was behind me jumping around on furniture and the sound was off and I got so rattled - I acted pretty flustered. I was made for show biz. ha! Just kidding. I'm praying I can get it together before next week.
My mom took this picture of my family last week. It makes me happy. I am one LUCKY girl.
I saw this on my friend Amy's instagram yesterday and it has stuck with me.
I have to be honest that I completely shrink back when any "discussion" or controversy comes around and I get SOOOO uncomfortable when anything on here turns to debate or disagreement. I tend to do everything I can to avoid any kind of controversial subject on here (and twitter and facebook and real life).
I'm not always successful.
BUT I will NOT shrink away from my faith and my desire to share the love of Jesus with y'all! Agree with me or not but it burdens me for you to know the God of the universe Francis is talking about above.

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