Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sweet things

 I don't know about where you live - but we have been having spring/summer like weather lately.  It's been near 80 and gorgeous! We have been soaking it up.
Harper wanted to go to Chick-fil-a and play today after school so I took them.  There is nothing more humbling than trying to pull a one year old and a screaming 3 year old out of the playground when they are not ready to leave and get them to the car. I could feel all the other mothers' eyes burning in my back.  Sigh.

 We have had some sweet moments today.  Harper was real sweet playing with Hollis at CFA today and trying to get her to climb up the slide.  And then tonight when I put Hollis to bed - she wanted to help me and Scott, Harper and I all stood over Hollis in her bed and sang her song after song while Harper called out what she wanted to sing to her.  It was a precious moment to me.

And speaking of sweet....................

Hollis starts waving her hands and dancing every time she hears music. I think she's kind of Bapticostal! I had to video her today.  I know my singing is HORRIFIC - but I was just trying to get her to do it. ha!

And a few more sweet are a few sneak peeks for Hollis' party. I've kept all her decorations generic and pink so I can use them in future parties. It's just a little party but I wanted it to be special because she is so special! I'll share details this weekend!

 A cute sign - (I didn't make this - I'm not talented like that)
 A banner - I had this made! 
A fabric runner I'm making to go on the table

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