Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One and Eighty-one

Someone is turning one in 3 days. It's blowing my mind!

I put her in this little shirt yesterday so I could take a picture just like one I took of Harper the week she turned one.  

They have on the same shirt and they are sitting in the same chair in front of the same wall - but everything else about these two is completely unique and different.  You can really see in this picture how different they are.  But they are both so precious to me!

Harper wanted her picture made too.  She was a mess because we had been playing outside but I took it anyway.  And then I was looking at her and wondering how she went from one to three so quickly.  The days really DO fly by.

I have to tell a story on myself.  Sometimes I think I might be turning EIGHTY-ONE I'm so forgetful. (Really I'm just a busy mom of 2 little girls who rarely has time to have a complete thought in the day).  My sweet friend Melissa had her baby Crew almost two weeks ago and I had told her that last night I would come to visit and bring her a meal. And at 10 last night I suddenly realized I had forgotten.  I felt SOOOO terrible and was so mortified. The worst part is this is the second family in the last few months who I had signed up to take a meal and then forgot. My mind is just gone.  Thankfully she is a sweet friend who understands the crazy.  I took them a meal tonight and got to hold that sweet tiny baby in my arms. Of course I forgot my camera so I could take his picture. ha! I know I bragged about my amazing planner a few months ago and it IS amazing........if I actually remember to write things down in it.

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