Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wild and Crazy Weekend

We have had one WILD weekend. Okay - not really. Actually I'm thankful it's been a very quiet and un-busy weekend.

It started off on a great note. Our church had a Parents Night Out Friday night so we took the girls and for the first time in a long time went on a date all alone! It was so nice to have a little time together. We ate at Doe's - our favorite. I told Scott we had eaten at Doe's every Valentines for the last 3 or 4 years. He said "well - you don't have to get dressed up and you get a big piece of meat."  ha! My husband is SO romantic. ha! To continue the romance we hit up Sam's afterwards before picking up the girls.

We had been brainstorming things we could do with the girls on Saturday but it was SOOO bitter cold that we didn't want to get them out so we just spent the day at home. I got out and went grocery shopping because we are supposed to get a snow storm tonight and we couldn't be snowed in for even one day with the fear of going hungry. We also needed gloves in case Harper got to play in the snow. It's been so warm this winter we have barely even worn coats much less hats and gloves.

Here are my sweeties before church today. Harper thought she looked like a princess so she was posing.  And I know Hollis' bow is huge and in her face - it had fallen and she wouldn't sit still so this is the only picture I got. But I had to include her. We had a rough morning getting to church.  Harper has all the sudden had a little separation anxiety and she was crying not wanting to go in her class and we were taking up half the hallway trying to get her in and trying to get Hollis to her class and then Scott and I were fighting discussing in the halls how we could better handle Harper and her meltdowns. It was a pleasant way to walk into the sanctuary.  But I was so glad once we finally got there and we could worship.  And the girls were all smiles once we picked them up. 

So now we are home and putting on our comfy clothes and waiting for the snow.

I hope it doesn't decide to skip us.

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