Friday, February 10, 2012

Show Us Your Life - Working Moms

I admire working moms so much.
(We are ALL working moms - but this if for moms who work outside the home as well as in it!)

And I think it's good for working moms to have a community around them that can support them.

I thought it would be great for working moms to reach out to each other today - hopefully offer tips, support or just a common bond!

So please link up if you are a working mom. I'd love if you did a post kind of telling us about that or maybe sharing your tips or whatever you want to share!

Also - a reader Laura from Bright Horizons wanted to offer something to Working Moms. She has a Potty Training Webinar set up for y'all and you can also click this picture to find other great things for small children.

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