Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Little and Big

I feel like I don't write enough about Hollis on here.  Second child syndrome.  Harper is just doing so many things that I seem to write about her more but that doesn't mean that this little bear doesn't just light up our life! She will be one in five weeks.  I can't wrap my head around that.  She has the sweetest little personality.  She always wakes up happy. She is always smiling.  She's just laid back and easy going. She is busy, busy, busy.  She is always on the move.
 Thankfully she is very adaptable.  Today Harper went to MDO and I had a ton of things to do.  I had my annual doctor visit this morning and thankfully Hollis was pretty good.  Then I hit Target and Hobby Lobby and ran to a meeting at church.  I went straight from the meeting to pick up Harper and run her to a doctor's appointment.  Then we had to pick up a prescription and by the time we got home we had been gone all day.  Hollis never got a real nap but she was still so pleasant.

She loves to wave her hands and clap to music.  I think both my girls maybe musically inclined which is hilarious.  I could just eat this little face up.
 This picture of Harper kills me - she looks 10 years old. 
 I have been stalking this website FOREVER wanting to get a custom frame made.  Since we turned Harper's room into a big girl room I decided to order her a huge pink frame to go in it.  I think this will be something that can grow with her.  I can see it still in her room as a teenager with a big picture of her and her friends.  The girls who make these frames live in my town so I could pick it up from them but they have an etsy site and have tons of colors and sizes.  I'm OBSESSED with how cute this is.  (Love the picture inside it too).  Of course I'm slow to hang things so it will probably be fall before we get it hung in her room but it was too cute not to share.
I got it here:
And I can't stop laughing at this face.  THIS is a glimpse at why I'm worn out. ha! Even as hard as she is - I can't get enough of her and I spend every night thinking about all the fun things she did and how I can't wait to see her in the morning.

I'm so blessed.

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