Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good Girl Bed

This is one of those posts I'm doing for myself so I won't forget the milestones in our lives. I love being able to look up almost any milestone on my blog. Thank goodness for that or my poor girls would have no record of anything because I certainly can't remember to write anything down.

On Harper's 3rd birthday weekend - she started climbing out of her bed.  She started appearing in the living room after we would put her to bed.  I was hoping to hold on to the crib a little longer but honestly - I'm shocked it took her this long to climb out because she's a wild little monkey.

So we knew it was time to give her a big girl bed or as Harper keeps calling it - a "good girl bed".  I was going to get some kind of neat twin bed and then I decided it would be easier to just take the day bed out of Hollis' room and use that and that would give more room to play in Hollis' room.  I also moved most of the toys out of Harper's room into Hollis' room and put her table and chairs into our family room.  I feel like they have a lot more space now! Yeay!
I was so sad Saturday night because we knew it was her last night in her crib.  That seemed so sad.  She's officially a big girl.  She's basically potty trained, she is so independent and now no crib.  I told Scott it wouldn't be long until it was the last night in her room before she left for college. Okay.....maybe we have a little time.
We took some pictures so we could remember her last night ever in that crib.  I remember how excited I was to pick out her crib and bedding. I had waited so long and it was so exciting to put together a nursery.  I can't believe how quickly three years have gone by.

Here is Harper the very first time she took a nap in her crib at almost 2 months.  Was she really ever that little?
She slept in her new bed Sunday night but we didn't take any pictures until tonight.  She has had a cold and has been SUPER fussy and tired. I didn't want to push her by taking any pictures.  It worked to our favor because she was so exhausted the last two nights she hopped in bed and went right to sleep and slept all night.  I don't know if it will continue to go so well but it has been a great transition so far.  I have found with everything we have changed......we are usually a little slow to make changes (paci, bottle, potty training, bed) BUT each change has been super easy because we waited until the time was right for us. I'm not saying that's the way for everyone - but I'm thankful it has worked out so easily each time.

That makes me sing that old song "In His time, In His time.....He makes all things  beautiful In His time.."

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