Monday, December 12, 2011

A visit to Santa

*****I'm going to start this post with a disclaimer because I KNOW I will get questions:
YES - we do "do Santa" in our house.  He is NOT a big deal. He is a very small part of our holiday and Jesus is the MAIN show around here. Scott and I both grew up with Santa Claus. My family was a very strong Christian home and we did Santa and when I found out he wasn't real never in a million zillion years did I think "Well - then Jesus can't be real either".  I think because Jesus was such a part of our every day life and Santa came in about 5 days of the year. I think you can do both. To me - it's no different than going to Disney World - your kids love to see the Characters there.  I don't think going to Disney World is going to make them question Christianity. That's just my opinion. I think this is something that every family can decide how they want to handle. I also think it's something that you decide and then you don't worry what everyone else is doing. My choice is not the RIGHT choice or the wrong choice and I'm not promoting either way. I'm just sharing because I know I'll get asked. I'm not up for hosting the great Santa debate on this blog and I'll forewarn you that any comments trying to debate will most likely get deleted. I just want to share a day in our life to remember.*****

So - I mentioned in the last post that I just wasn't doing much for the holidays this year but I did want to go to the mall and get the girls picture with Santa. I knew we needed to be very strategic about when we went.  Nights wouldn't work because the girls would be on meltdown mode and we couldn't go on a weekend because waiting in line would create meltdowns too. So Scott took an early lunch and we went today and it was PERFECT! We were the only ones there and we could take our time and it took a little coaxing to get both girls up there. Harper was so excited! The whole way there she talked about sitting in Santa's lap. Of course when we got there she wanted nothing to do with him. But Santa pulled out a little photo book and he had pictures of him and Mrs. Clause and the elves and a picture of his cat. The cat did it. That poor girl loves kitty cats. He also gave her a sucker. Candy and cats - that's all Harper needs to keep her happy. ha!

First I want to take a trip down memory lane:

 Christmas 2009
 Christmas 2010 - Best picture ever!
Christmas 2011 - Neither girl looks thrilled but at least they were both in the picture. :-)
I do love these pictures of the girls and Santa. I think we have one of the best Santas around!

There was a photo booth in the mall near Santa and Scott knows I love myself a photo booth so he suggested Harper and I take our picture. SO FUN! #2 is my favorite!

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