Monday, December 12, 2011

Picture Perfect

I thought I would share a fun way I decorated this year. I just came up with this idea yesterday! ha! I'm SO not crafty but this was cheap and fun so I thought I would share.

I have a big wall in my dining room that needed something so several years ago I got 12 cheap frames at Wal-Mart and 12 half price mats at Hobby Lobby. I bought a set of botanical prints off of ebay for very little and I LOVE the way this project turned out. I got the wall decorated for less than $100.

This arrangement has really come in handy.  For Harper's first birthday party - I framed her monthly pictures.  I used scrapbook paper that matched the party colors to be the mats. I'm going to do the same thing for Hollis for her first birthday. It works perfect since there are 12 pictures and 12 months!

So yesterday - I thought it would be fun to print off some cute Christmas signs and frame them! I found all of these off of Pinterest. I even had some of my twitter friends send me some links.  This was a free project - I just had to print these off and they were all free printables. I'm going to put the links at the bottom in case you are interested. Another great idea is to just print off one or two and put in frames to display on tables or cabinets in your home during Christmas!

(I didn't write down every link but these are most of the sources)

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