Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Prayer Requests

I am SO sorry if you have ever emailed me and never heard back. I am swimming in an ocean of email all the time and I can't get my head above water.  Hollis is a crawling machine right now and between her and Harper who is just crazy busy - I can barely get a shower every day much less get important things done like cleaning toilets and folding laundry.

I can crank out a blog post in about 15 minutes during nap time but sitting down and answering email just takes me forever and I can't ever get the time. I read them all and TRY TRY to answer but I'm slow.

And that brings me to this important announcement.

I LOVE posting prayer requests and having y'all pray for one another. BUT I'm so slow with my email that I get the requests up WAY too late most of the time.  SO if you see up on the top of my blog - I've put "Prayer Requests".  If you have a prayer request - instead of emailing me - please go there and post it.

And I would LOVE if each of you when you think of it - go to that link and take a few minutes to pray over the requests.  Can I ask that of you? Can we be a community who prays for one another? I think this may be the best way for me to handle it right now. I want to have these up in a timely manner and I'm just not cutting it.

I love y'all for always caring and supporting one another! Let's continue to be Jesus' hand and feet to those in need here on earth during Christmas time and every other time!

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