Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Christmas Lunch and Glow Sticks

 We woke up to snow on the ground this morning. Our first snow. Thankfully - it didn't affect the roads too much because we had plans for today!
 Our Women's Ministry had our annual Christmas lunch today.  I got there early to help but first I went and tried to take a few pictures of the girls by our church's big Christmas tree. Neither one would look at me and then Harper wanted to sit in front of a purple banner instead. So not the same kind of background but at least they are semi looking.  We got these precious dresses from She She Made. Aren't they adorable?
 I love all the women in our church.  These two tickled me because they were giving me what they wanted me to put under their picture if I put it on my blog! Two Young Hotties! :-) They are two women I just adore (they did not tell me to write that - it's just true).
 Rachel and Shonda
 Jessica, Stephanie and Ashley
 Love these three - Amy, Laurie and Amanda
 Bethany and Mary Avery - there were tons of women there and I didn't get a picture of even half of them.  It was so fun to eat and visit. We had BBQ catered and it was SO good.
 I love that women of ALL ages come. Because these women just bless me. And they are always fixed up so cute!
We had a chef come in and show us some fun cooking ideas for the holidays. It was a fun morning!

I have to share a fun idea with y'all that I saw somewhere - I can't even remember where I saw it but I've been wanting to try it for a while.  I bought a bunch of different colored glow sticks at Wal-Mart in the toy section and last night I put them in the bath tub with Harper and turned out the lights. It was SO fun and she LOVED it!!! Scott said it looked like we were "up in da club".  ha! I don't post bathtub pictures on my blog - but if you have young kids - try it this winter when you are stuck inside. They would probably stay in the tub for hours. We will be doing that again!

And Happy 89th birthday to my grandma!! We love you so much! I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful grandmother. I think about how much my girls adore their grandparents and the memories they are making with them and it makes me think about all the special times I had with mine. I hope you have a great day Grandma!!!! (My grandma is very hip for 89 - she reads blogs and twitter and facebook!)

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