Friday, December 23, 2011

Early Christmas

My parents came to town yesterday and brought Harper home. We are spending Christmas with Scott's family this year so we had an early Christmas with them and celebrated my birthday! Most years our family chooses not to exchange gifts - we just give the girls gifts and spend what we would on each other on charities.  We love to buy for our church's Christmas store for our community instead.  That's my favorite way to spend Christmas! You don't have the stress of buying gifts and you get the gift of helping others!
My Aunt Linda came with my parents.  Linda doesn't have kids so we are kind of her adopted children and she treats my girls like they are her grandchildren also. She is so sweet to them.
I opened some birthday gifts and Harper had a big time helping me. She is SUPER into the gifts this year. Then we went to eat lunch at Mimi's. Hollis fell asleep on the way home so she took a good nap while Harper opened both of their gifts. Hollis wouldn't know the difference this year anyway.
Dawson's favorite spot at Christmas is to lay on the tree skirts under the trees. He is constantly under one of them.
Harper got some fun things. I hid most of her gifts so we can pull things out during the rest of the year and have new things to play with instead of having a bunch of things at once.
This was her FAVORITE thing. My parents got her a disney princess guitar and she hasn't put it down once. She doesn't know we also got her a guitar. Just a regular one. I think she may have a career in music one day.
Her other favorite gift was this tangled doll from her Uncle Chris and Aunt Carrie. She has "brushed and brushed and brushed her hair".  (If you have watched the movie 10,000 times you know what I mean). (Of course my favorite song is "Mother knows best" ha!)

We had a great time yesterday. I got so many sweet messages on facebook and twitter - social media really makes birthdays fun! ha! I hope all of you have a very merry Christmas!

I'm praying for all of you who feel lonely this Christmas - whether you have have lost a loved one or are waiting for a family to spend Christmas with - know that you are not forgotten. I pray Jesus feels the hole in your heart with joy. Unexplainable, unspeakable joy. He can.

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