Saturday, November 26, 2011


I keep chuckling to myself when I think about Thanksgiving because when I went to Ecuador I was pretty intimidated to be on that trip honestly. Three of the bloggers with me have either written books or are writing books now and Amanda will probably write one one day. I will not be writing any books. I'm just a mom who puts up a lot of pictures and writes scattered thoughts. ANYWAY - probably a lot of you know about sweet Ann Voskamp and what a great writer she is and she has a best selling book "One Thousand Gifts". She wrote this wonderful post on our trip called "Thanksgiving is Thanks living". And the last night we were there the head of the Ecuador Compassion office came to visit us and Ann was already in her room and he came in where we were working and said with this delightful accent "Which one of you wrote that wonderful post 'Thanksgiving is Thanks living'? It was AMAZING". And we were all like "woh woh" - it wasn't us. ha! It just makes me laugh so all week I have been saying in my head the title of that post. 20111124_IMG_4179
We had a really nice Thanksgiving. We went to my parents Wednesday night and came home this afternoon. My mom cooked a big lunch on Thursday and it was delicious. I ate way too much. My aunt and uncle came for lunch and my brother and his wife were there also! We tried to get in a family picture before we ate.

One of my little turkeys! 20111124_IMG_4184
My mom did all the work. I wasn't much help - I had two kids to wrestle. I promised to host Thanksgiving one day when the girls are older.

The rest of Thanksgiving included watching the big game that we lost. Yes - I was pretty sad but LSU is obviously the #1 team in the country and I'm rooting for an SEC National Championship. LSU and Alabama deserve to meet again.
Friday we all got ready and tried to take a big family picture. We tried a couple of spots by the White River but it was windy and too bright so we ended up home on our front porch. My brother took those pictures so I'll have to share when he sends me one. 20111124_IMG_4188
A lot of our holiday was just spent watching Harper clown around. She gets SOOO over excited to be with her grandparents. She and Hollis slept in a room with me and Scott slept in the bonus room. Neither girl slept much so I was exhausted and they were both a little grumpy most of the time we were there. Holidays are kind of tough with little kids. From packing for a family of four for several days to traveling to sleeping away from home - it's not easy. But I am thankful to have family to spend it with. Even when we are grumpy. :-)
Harper practiced her gymnastics for us.
She is starting dance this week and so we brought her new dance outfit and she put on a show. She is SOOO excited about taking "dance class". tday3
She also did a lot of running around. tday4
I love this picture of her that my mom took. So sweet. 20111126_IMG_4290
Speaking of sweet - Hollis got a lot of attention at her first thanksgiving too. 20111126_IMG_4274
Isn't she the cutest?
Today before we left, two of my life long friends who were home for Thanksgiving came over to visit. Their family is so special to me and I'm sad we don't see each other more. This is Micaela and her son Jeryn. 20111126_IMG_4325
This is me, Jamie and Micaela and 5 of our 7 kids. Their two oldest are 1 day apart and best friends and they stayed home with their grandparents. It was so nice to see them and for our kids to see each other.
We especially enjoyed our time with Papa and Nonny!
And Uncle Chris and Aunt Carrie 

We are so blessed and I'm very thankful for my family - both my little family of four and our two extended families. Hope your thanksgiving was great!

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