Sunday, November 27, 2011

Are you Lonesome Tonight?

Here is picture of our family on Thanksgiving.

See my earrings?

My mom tweeted me this picture yesterday and asked me if I was missing anything. ha ha ha!

We started our month of Christmas clothes yesterday for church.  I've wound up with a bunch of Christmas outfits - a lot are hand me downs and some I bought.  My MIL bought the girls these dresses.  I love Christmas plaid.  I want to get all the wear I can out of the cute holiday clothes - so we will be wearing them over and over all month!
I love these pink and green Christmas tree outfits! The girls wore these today to take Harper to speech.

I have something on my mind and it's loneliness.  I was lonely a lot of my 20's. I had friends but I just was so lonely for a husband.  And now that I have a husband - I can still be lonely.  (Scott is amazing but he's not big on "girl talk" ha ha ha!) I haven't felt that way in a long time but it seems like it has just hit me.  In fact - in recent months - I've heard friends say they felt lonely, like they had no friends.  These are BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING girls who I think anyone would DIE to be friends with so I was shocked to hear them feel this way.  I feel like I have so many friends and I'm so thankful.
BUT being a SAHM can be isolating. I'm so busy with two kids now that I can go days without seeing or talking to another person besides Scott. Twitter kind of helped my feelings of loneliness last winter by making me feel like I have friends to talk to during the day - but sometimes even that can make me feel lonely.  I know it's probably hormones or Satan's attack of insecurity - but do y'all feel this way?
I don't have an inspirational way to tie this post up like a pretty package. I know Jesus brings comfort and is a friend and He TOTALLY does - but I think you can still be faced with lonely feelings.
I guess it bothered me so much to hear some friends were struggling with loneliness and when it sort of hit me lately I just thought I would say - if you are feeling that way - you are not alone. I think about widows and people spending a lot of time in the hospital either for themselves or family members. There are so many in the holiday season who especially are lonely.  I think about single moms.
I'm not sure of how we can help each other with this loneliness problem - but let's try to lift each other up as much as we can!

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