Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Just One

Maybe it's just me but do you ever have one of those days where you think "My life is kind of hard........I need to get dinner cooked and I have all this laundry to get done and my house is dirty and I haven't had a moment to myself today and I need to go to the grocery store............"

Then I travel to a different continent and visit a home where a family of NINE live in a house probably the size of my living room.  I only saw three beds.

I look around at the dirt floor and the dark crowded rooms.  I look at the open spaces where the roof meets the walls but doesn't completely cover.
I look around at their kitchen.  I look around for a bathroom and I don't see one.
I look at a mother who is my age but looks about 15 years older.  I look at a mom who gets up at 5:30 to make breakfast for her 7 kids.  I hear her talk about how she never went to school and can't read or write.

I hear the mom talk about the work her husband does and how it's not very steady.
It's dark and hot in their house.
I just can't wrap my mind about what it is like to live this life.  And then I think about my life. I'm not rich by any means but I have so much. I have TOO much.  And something keeps ringing through my head that we heard from a college student who has been sponsored through Compassion since she was 4 years old.  She said her sponsor loved her and sponsored her
"not because she felt guilty or because she had a ton of money to spare...............but because she loved God and wanted to serve Him".  

And that's the the thing.  I see a family with seven children - two of whom are in the Compassion program.  They are being encouraged to go to school and finish school.  Their family is being helped.  I see hope and love in their eyes.

And as hard as it is to not feel sad and guilty - I realize that it's NOT about me feeling guilty for what I have or making you feel guilty so you will sponsor.  I want to help. I want to sponsor a child because I love God and I want to serve Him. I know that everything I have comes from Him and when I help others.....I'm ultimately giving to Him.
I've seen first hand what Compassion does and how much of a difference it makes in these lives.

and seriously - can I just show you some SWEET faces???????

(photo by Keely Scott)

Look at this little girl? It's the Ecuador version of Harper/Hollis in her smocked dress! I loved her and it made me miss my girls so much!

Maybe you want to feel the joy that comes from serving and giving because you have been given so much?

maybe you wonder if you will really make a difference by just sponsoring one child? 

I'm telling you that you CAN make a difference! Will you sacrifice something small in your life and sponsor a kid today? And know you are making an eternal difference!

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