Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Jesus loves the little children

ALL the children of the world

Red and Yellow

Black and White

They are precious

in His sight

Jesus loves 

the little children

of the world

What I have learned on this trip and on my last trip - is that kids are the same all over the world.  They like to hold kittens and dogs and love on them.

They like to eat. A lot. 
They like to hang out with their friends and they like to have their pictures made (and then for you to show them the picture!)

They like to play with bubbles 

They like to have their fingernails painted

They like to pray and learn about Jesus

They like Justin Bieber! Yes - even in Ecuador! 

They like to show you their rooms.  Even when they have dirt floors and no mattress to sleep on - just wooden boards.

They like to feel loved - like when they receive letters from their Compassion sponsors.  They treasure and keep every letter.

They like to hang out in their living room and have visitors.

The difference between these kids and most the kids I know where I live is that these kids live in homes that are surrounded by walls with cut glass on top to try and protect their homes from crime and gangs.
These kids I saw today live in homes that have an income of around $200 a month (and pay almost that much in rent).
These kids don't have indoor plumbing and go to the bathroom outside.
These kids have parents who never went to school.
These kids would have no hope, would possibly not be able to go to school or even have enough to eat.....

if it weren't for Compassion International who is helping to get kids out of poverty in Jesus name.
Compassion works with local churches.  They find the families who need help.  They set up Child Development Centers where the children can go after school a few times a week for a good meal, help with school work and to learn about Jesus. They get their school uniforms so they can go to school.  The kids often have parents who are gone a lot to work so they get love and attention through the Centers.  They are encouraged to stay in school and to dream big to finish school and get a good job to end the cycle of poverty.

Compassion is changing the face of poverty one child at a time.

These kids may be poor. They may live in extreme poverty.  But they have so much hope and love in their sweet faces!
(picture by Keely Scott)

Poverty may seem SO big and unsurmountable to most of you.  But YOU can do something about it. Sponsoring just one kid is changing the world.  Sponsoring just one child can help that child end the cycle and can help a family so much.  Is it possible that just $38 a month can do so much? It really can.

And the life you are changing won't be just the child in a third world country.

The life you are changing might just be yours!

Will you sponsor a child today????

And please go read Ann, Melanie, Sophie and Amanda and see more about what we saw today!

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