Friday, October 07, 2011

Show Us Your Life - Show us your pets

 Today's Show us your life is dedicated to those precious members of our family covered in fur! I know a lot of you have kids but a lot of you don't - and your pets are just as important to you as kids! Or your kids are grown and you have pets to take care of.  OR you have kids but love those pets too! They need their time in the spotlight!!!
 Most of you know - but this is Dawson.  He's our first baby and we love him so much!
 He's a Bichon Frise and I just adore him.  Bichons are great dogs because they are hypoallergenic so you can have allergies and still have one and they DON'T SHED!!!!  (Hallelujah!)
 Dawson has been really good with our girls.  I worried because he was the center of attention for many years before they came along but he is really good with them.
 Scott bought Dawson for me as a Christmas gift the year before we got married.  We saw some Bichon puppies one day and I just loved them so Scott brought me a tiny bundle of fur to live with me.  He's been my buddy ever since. He loves Scott but he is TRULY a momma's boy.  He follows me EVERYWHERE and has to be right by my side.
 Even our boy dog can't escape bows in this house!
 For several years - our Christmas card pictures were always the two of us and Dawson!
 Dawson still sleeps with us every night and gets lots of love and attention even though our girls have taken first place these days.  We haven't forgotten him.  He may not get talked about as much anymore but he is still VERY much loved.
Dawson is even a razorback fan!
He's nine years old this month and I get sad thinking we may only have 1-3 years left with him. I can't imagine my life without that sweet puppy.  I would highly recommend Bichons if you are looking for a sweet inside dog!

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